Parisa Arsalani was born in Urmia-Iran, into a prominent artistic, intellectual family. She has already been master of traditional Azerbaijani music singing and a soloist of minstrel music and performer on “Saz” in Iran. She won many prizes at national music festivals and music competition as the first grade winner and Iran in 2000 and was eligible to take the title of "Music Phenomena" in Iran at the same period by merely performing instrumental music in Iran. She was granted the “Golden Saz” prize from Azerbaijan country because of her master level of music performances.

In spite of all these successes in instrumental music performing, she had a hidden suppressed love in singing that the prohibitions and restrictions of singing for a woman in Iran and the lack of musical educational fields in her country caused her to move to Baku capital of Azerbaijan to study singing at the Baku State Conservatory and graduated there successfully in spite of all the serious problems she was supposed to face as a female singer from Iran.

She also was granted different prizes like; honor Medal “Sheref Medali” at 2014-Azerbaijan, “Azerbaijan Best Awards” at 2016-Azerbaijan and Turkic World honor prize “Turk Dunyasi Dostluq Ordeni” at 2017 from Azerbaijan.

She has released her first official music album called “Resonance” in worldwide music platforms, with a unique and different style in world-music at 2017.

American music journalist Alexandra Ivanoff describes Parisa Arsalani’s singing as: "Parisa Arsalani’s voice is an unparalleled and distinctive one: sonorous, radiant, dolorous, possessing a kaleidoscope of color–the colors of an exotic land, the amber hues of love lost, and the poetry of dreams both realized and unfulfilled. Though still young, her voice speaks like an old soul with roots attached to many previous centuries. Her technical range is extraordinarily wide: she moves from executing the tricky ululations of Azeri folk idioms to the sultry, bluesy phraseology of the West. The thing that makes her leap out of the crowd in her genre is the clarity of her diction coupled with the extraordinary depth of sound, so that her voluptuous vocalism is capable of projecting both a powerful presence and intimacy at the same time."